CSDI Projects Overview

Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives (CSDI) and associates have over ten years experience in working with cooperatives, associations, producer partnerships and individuals engaged in various economic activities all over Tanzania. Some of these experiences are outlined below:

From 2001 to 2006 in partnership with ADF, CSDI designed SMES investments and provided business and financial management and technical assistance to over 25 producers-owned dairy, coffee, textiles, handcrafts, sugar cane, tea, mining, furniture and a number of MFIs, SMEs in Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Iringa, Tanga, Morogoro, Mbeya, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Kagera, Shinyanga and Coast regions, representing a total of 25,700 smallholder producers including 10,300 women producers. As a result of CSDI’s assistance, these 25 businesses were able to link to new and higher-paying markets, achieving thousands of $ worth of sales.

Starting in 2004 and based on well researched projects and analyses as well as industry analyses and other market research, CSDI has been working with producer Associations representing thousands of small scale producers, in order to help them improve the quality of these products and receive higher prices. CSDI has helped the Associations and their members to access financing and create new commercial and market linkages, and is providing them with a wide range of business, financial, management and technical advice, services and training. Here are some specific examples:

Morogoro sugar cane Associations

In Morogoro region, through its partnership with ADF and other organizations, CSDI is working with three sugar cane Associations namely AKSG, ROA and MOA producing sugar cane and supplying to the Kilombero and Mtibwa sugar processing Companies. CSDI helped the Associations access funding from ADF, prepare and implement project implement plan monitor and provide remediation assistance. These Associations represent over 5,000 small holder sugar cane growers. In the 2004/2005 season alone, these Associations sold 994,760metric tons (MTs) of sugar cane worth over $15m. The Associations received funding from ADF for Technical Training, inputs revolving fund and farm machinery, and later linked to commercial banks.

Iringa and Mbeya Projects

In Iringa and Mbeya regions, CSDI is working with two Tea Outgrower schemes supplying tea leaves to two processing Companies, One Coffee growing Association in Mbozi, and a Rice Processing and Marketing Co-operative in Mbeya region. CSDI provides the same services these Associations as mentioned above.

Other Projects

In Dar es Salaam region, CSDI assisted two microfinance projects, one textile producing project, and five HIV AIDS economic mitigation projects all with an element of microfinance.

CSDI worked with Five handcraft trading and export companies based in Dar es Salaam under a buyer linkage programme where by the companies were linked with small scale producers in the rural areas of Iringa Coast, Zanzibar and Dodoma. In 2006 through partnership with USADF, CSDI organized 3 women groups comprised of 500 members to weave 3,000 world famous "Iringa baskets" which were all exported to the US and sold through Target Super markets’ Rear Season Global Bazaar.

In partnership with USADF, CSDI started supporting small scale vegetable producers who will be trained to meet EUREPGAP quality standards to enable them export their vegetables to the EU market. In this initiative, CSDI is working with a specialized marketing intermediary (MI) organization, which will be providing the specialized training as well as operations management up to the exporting company’s pack house.

From 2007 CSDI started working with two new companies focusing on value added activities in furniture (Tanga) and grain processing (Arusha). In these initiatives, CSDI is working along the whole value chain from sourcing of raw materials to sale/exports.

Experience in Value Chain analyses:

As mentioned above, CSDI has been involved fully in value chain development activities as a core activity mostly in agriculture but also in textiles, handcrafts and furniture. The CSDI core consultants are highly experienced in supporting value chains, and there is a training program for up-dating consultants’ skills. One of the staff completed a training on modern skills on value chains development and analysis.

From 20010 CSDI signed a contract with the Small Industries Development organization (SIDO) to implement a three years value chain development project in Iringa region. This project is a focussing tomatoes and sunflower whereby over 2,000 small scale producers are being assisted to access better production and value adding technologies, accessing profitable markets, financial services and business development services.