CSDI’s Past Performance References

Since its inception in 2001, CSDI has been managing the ADF program in Tanzania. The current portfolio consists of 20 projects and over the last eleven years more than 80 projects have been supported. These are projects that were successfully designed, developed and implemented by the company and these cover four key sub-sectors: agro-processing trade & investment (T&I); micro-credit; crop production and manufacturing (handcrafts, textiles, animal feeds & furniture). The T&I projects focus on value-addition, production, processing and marketing covering commodities including sugarcane, tea, coffee, paprika, vanilla, organic cotton, spices, vegetables, cocoa, cereal processing, edible oils processing, beef, fruits (mangoes) fishing, soap manufacturing, and bee honey.

CSDI team has been providing technical and business management support to the ADF grantees directly or through Business Development Service Providers. Based on the Annual Assessment of Program Impact (API), ADF portfolio in Tanzania has been very successful. In the past three years (2009/10 to 2010/11) the performance of the ADF grantee enterprises in general and T&I projects in particular, was outstanding with a number of success stories.

CSDI has also carried several assignments for HIVOS and TATEDO mainly focusing on projects evaluation and impact assessment. Currently CSDI in collaboration with Business Care services (BCS) is implementing a tomatoes and sunflower value chain development project in Iringa region. The project is supported by IFAD, URT and managed by the Tanzanian Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO).

Starting in March 2012, CSDI signed a three year grant agreement from the Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to carry out a three year project to support SMEs in accessing markets, and investment capital from commercial financial institutions. During the three year life of the project, CSDI will develop 40 business plans for agribusinesses in the project areas and link them to Financial Instituitions to access business loans.The project is being implemented in the Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya, Ruvuma, and Sumbawanga and focuses on food crops particularly rice, maize, pulses and oils seeds.

CSDI also signed a short term contract with the Round Table Initiative, that was designed in Maastricht School of Management and implemented in Tanzania by MSM in collaboration with the Eastern African Management Institute based in Arusha Northern Tanzania. This initiative focuses on linking Tanzanian SMEs to expansion capital from Dutch Companies. In this project CSDI is identifying SMEs, writing their profiles and organizing Investment forums for RTA, So far CSDI has identified over 50 SMEs and some are currently in final negotiations with Financial Institutions. This project is scheduled to be completed in Sept. 2013.

In Nov. 2012, CSDI signed a two year contract for implementing a rice out-grower business fousing in the Southern Tanzania Liwale district, Lindi region. This followed development of a succeful business plan for this scheme, which is supported by NIRAS of Finland, and implemented through the Lindindi and Mtwara Agric. Support (LIMAs) project. As a result of this assignment, CSDI opened an office in Liwale district in Nov last year, and this year it we have opened another office in the neighboring district of Masasi following identication of new business opportunities in these southern regions.