CSDI"s Institutional Capacity Statement

2.1 CSDI Vision

"To be a centre of excellence in the field of SMEs development, through enhanced entrepreneurship culture and in particular in harnessing of trade and investment opportunities to directly create jobs and enhance incomes for the poor."

2.2 CSDI Mission Statement

"To become an effective catalyst for poverty alleviation and job creation by developing the possibilities and capacities for individuals, enterprises and communities to add value to the resources that they have access to and to effectively engage in mutually beneficial business relations with others."

2.3 CSDI motto

"Building solid business foundation to SMEs and rolling poorly performing businesses into profitable and sustainable ventures"

2.4 Good Governance

CSDI believes in practicing what it preaches. Therefore the company has strived to maintain high organizational standards through good governance in that, it is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Members who represent some of Tanzania’s leading proffesionals in business development, and management of projects focussing on SMEs and Community-Based Organizations.

2.5 CSDI Professional Experience

A highly stable and cohesive team of professionals who have worked together for a long time manages CSDI. It is a team that is passionate in community and enterprise development, and highly capable of providing training, consultancy services, market linkages and access, counseling, legal services, sensitization, financial intermediation and financing, facilitation and projects & businesses design and management. The team maintains a very good and cordial working relationship with its clients.

The current staff size is eleven (11) professional staff with specialization in all areas of businesses and projects support such as design, monitoring and evaluation, value chains analysis and development, financial intermediation and market linkages, gender mainstreaming, financial management and analysis, and operations management. The team is supported by four (4) support staff.

CSDI has established management and financial systems which has resulted in high organizational hygiene, in that the company is fully compliant with the country labor laws, tax requirements and has consistently maintained clean audited accounts for the past 12 years of existence. This is attributed to high level of integrity of its staff that has been the hallmark of CSDI.

Through engagement with ADF program and participation in various development networks, CSDI has learned and built a reputation as an organization of choice for working with grass roots organizations and SMEs in Tanzania, as demonsrated by the impact of the supported clients in community development mainly through enterprise approach.

2.6 CSDI Major Goals:

  • Enhance CSDI publicity as a company of choice for working with grass roots organizations and SMEs in Tanzania.
  • Forge partnerships and widen its network of both international and local organizations that share CSDI values and involved in similar activities like CSDI’s.
  • Build its capability through continuous training and skills enhancement as well as recruitment of highly qualified and experienced professionals to work both as full time staff as well as associates.

2.7 CSDI Principal Business Activities

The principal business activities of CSDI are innovative provision of technical support services and capacity building of micro, small and medium enterprises.

CSDI current activities are grouped into two major categories:

  • USADF partnership activities
  • Consultancy activities

a) USADF Activities:

  • SMEs Project Design and Development including industry analyses for identified projects
  • Grants management including managing funds disbursement, and procurement.
  • Enterprise value chains analysis and development
  • Financial intermediation and market linkages
  • Projects monitoring, evaluation and remediation
  • Business, financial and production management training
  • Liaison with other organizations in project implementation process
  • Projects Evaluation, close-out and impact assessment activities

b) Consultancy Activities:

Consultancy activities that CSDI implements in collaboration with its associates mostly focusing on SMEs development in the following araes

  • Technical Studies, e.g. value chain analysis and development, marketing/sub sector studies,
  • Business plans development and review.
  • Financial analysis, business planning and financing intermediation
  • Baseline surveys,
  • Projects monitoring, evaluation and impact studies,
  • Project implementation and management facilitation
  • BDS Training for SMEs

2.8 Operational Capability

CSDI is well equipped with facilities necessary for undertaking any major assignment. Each CSDI professional staff has a lap top computer, with broadband internet connection full time. In addition to that there are six desktop PCs for the associates, also fully connected to the internet. We have ample office space and conference room with presentation facilities including a computer projector for PPP. CSDI has three field offices in Iringa, Masasi and Liwale districts, plus a fleet of five 4WD vehicles in very good running condition. One of the vehicles is stationed at Iringa field office, while the rest are stationed at the CSDI hq. in Dar. In January 2013, CSDI moved into our own office residence at Plot 16 Mori Road, Block A Sinza Dar es Salaam.