CSDI’s Partners and Affiliated Companies

Apart from the existing CSDI’s main Company which is a company Limited by Guarantee, We also have three other affiliated Companies operating out of the CSDI Centre at Sinza in Dar es Salaam, these companies provide variety of services to SMEs development:

Affiliated Companies:

  1. CSDI Consulting Company Limited (BDS Training, Studies, Business Plans Development, etc)
  2. CSDI Investments Company Limited (Investment in Agribusinesses, trading, etc)
  3. CRGT Trust (an of shoot of the ADF Program in Tanzania) this is a fund that focuses on Innovative funding Initiatives, property Management and Development, etc)
  4. B- Ai Gee Financing Services Ltd. (A CSDI board and management staff owned MFI)


  1. Rural & Urban Development Initiatives (RUDI): This is a partner company that work with CSDI and affiliated companies in implementing projects jointly, where each company contributes its experience to make projects more effective in achieving objectives, as well as reducing costs.
  2. Business Care Services (BCS): This company partnered with CSDI to bid for an SMEs development project in Iringa, in 2007. CSDI has been implanting this project with BCS since 2007 and it focuses on development of the Sunflower and Tomatoes value chain in Iring and Njombe regions, located in the Southerh highlands of Tanzania