Center for sustainable development initiatives

CSDI motto : "Building solid business foundation to SMEs and rolling poorly performing businesses into profitable and sustainable ventures"

The Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives (CSDI) is a not for profit company, registered on the 12th July 2001 under the Companies ordinance cap 212, with reg. No. 41710. Since year 2002, CSDI has been working as partner organization to the United State African Development Foundation (USADF) responsible for implementing the USADF program in Tanzania. This program focuses on supporting SMES development mainly through provision of grants and technical assistance.

CSDI has over eight (10) years of experience in working with SMEs (particularly agro-processing value addition) and other grass roots organizations. In working with this sector, CSDI has strived to learn from the challenges and opportunities that have come out of their engagement with SMEs and other supported grass root organizations.

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  • Tea Plantation


    To become a center for excellence in the area of community development through entrepreneurship and particularly in the harnessing of trade and investment opportunities to directly create jobs and enhance incomes for the poor.

  • CSDI Trainer at a Fish Pond


    The mission of the Centre is to become an effective catalyst for poverty alleviation and job creation by developing the possibilities and capacities for individuals, enterprises and communities to add value to the resources that they have access to and to effectively engage in mutually beneficial exchange relations with others.

CSDI Objectives

To build capacity of existing and potential small and micro enterprises so that they become more business/commercial oriented rather than subsistence-oriented.

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